My studio is about 12 miles north of Brighton in a small village called Laughton, just east of Lewes. There is ample parking here and you can have some un-rushed time to chat about the work, look at finished pieces, talk about payment options for larger pieces and so forth. If you would like to arrange a visit, please use the contact link from the main menu.

A computer screen can’t capture the texture or nuances of colour on a finished canvas, equally the scale of a piece makes a huge difference to how you feel about it so I always encourage people to visit the studio and look at work first-hand whenever possible. I’m happy for you to take a painting home and try it out in-situ before you decide to buy.

Many people choose to pay by installments and I have a standard contract where you can pay 25% of the total price upfront, then divide the remaining balance into ten installments over the following ten months paid by direct debit. Once the deposit is paid you can take the work home with you. This works well if you are thinking of investing in a larger painting.