PILOT: Bronze on granite base, H28cm x W20cm, £1800.

I had been working with aerial reconnaissance photographs taken by my Dad in WW2, beginning with a series of silkscreen prints. As part of this series I made a print called PILOT which imagined my Dad as a young man just turned 20 (a green circle) in his Spitfire (a black cross) in the grey sky. I finished the silkscreens then one day an idea flashed into my mind of the PILOT print as a sculpture. The whole idea came to me in one go, I rushed home and constructed the maquette from foam-board, the only suitable material to hand. I wanted to cast it in bronze and a few days later I saw a programme on BBC4 with Cornelia Parker who was working on one of her pieces with the Bronze Age Foundry in Limehouse. As a result I contacted Sue Triplow the director there, we met and decided to cast the bronze from the original maquette I had made.

To keep the original colour from the silkscreen, we added patinas to the bronze, chemicals are painted on then heated and react with the metal to make the colours. I wanted the central disk to be able to turn which meant adding pins to the disc so that it could pivot. The base had to be circular and cement grey in colour like rock to represent the earth so I chose granite. The underside of the base is polished to a high gloss so it can sit on any surface without scratching. All in all the process took about four months. The edition is limited to nine bronzes, with two Artist's Proofs. They are made to order on a first come first served basis, each is signed and numbered by the artist in the bronze. It will take between 4 and 6 weeks to make the bronze from the time of ordering.